Call for Build submissions

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Call for Build submissions

Postby Doozy » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:08 pm

Now accepting entries for build schematics to be used as part of map generation. Much like npc villages randomly generated in the map, these schematics will pop up here and there. They will be under protections to avoid harvesting, and should give a distinctly Novylian flavour to the map.

We will be adapting the plug in found here:

Categories: Farm, Highrise, Industrial, Lowrise, Midrise, Municipal, Nature, Neighborhood, Park, Roundabout/Town Square

Limit of 64x64 blocks, same as a creative plot. You may also nominate existing builds in world.

When complete, file a petition at the build location stating category.

At this point we have not determined if we will use a jury or voting system.
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