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Community Wither Boss Fights (Weekly!)

Postby AwEsUm » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:56 pm

Hello! Y'all remember me, AwEsUm, Castle in the Sky, Great Tree, etc.

I've recently made an Arena in the Nether where I will be hosting weekly Wither Boss Spawning/Fighting. The price to be in the competition to fight is 35 pence. If you don't want to fight, and want to watch, the price is 5 pence (pay an extra 5 pence for a seating arrangement near the top of the arena, better view of the arena).

Fighters will fight the Boss by the order they paid (in full). Fighters are allowed 2 pieces of armor, and must provide their own sword, bow and arrows. No potions allowed, only food. You will fight the Wither until death. Upon your death, I will try to reclaim any items you lost in the Arena before they are destroyed. When you die, you're out of the tourney, and the next fighter will enter. Whoever kills the Wither will receive the grand prize of the Nether Star. If no victor is made, I will either personally kill the Wither and claim the Star, or allow last-minute entrees, for 50 pence. You will remove all but 2 armor, no potions, only food and your sword, my bow and arrows.

I can store your items at the arena where they will be safe. You will have them returned at the end of the fight.

If you're interested in joining, whether spectating or fighting, please enter the server, look for me (AwEsUm) and I'll set you up.

We had one yesterday, and I already found 2 Wither Skulls, so we're having another tonight! Tonight will be the first official one. I'll try to have them every Friday, if I can get the skulls. Donated Skulls would also be appreciated!
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