How To: The IRC Channel!

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How To: The IRC Channel!

Postby dragslayar » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:43 pm

Ok, so here are the steps required to access, and talk in, the IRC channel.

Getting In

General Step 1: Aquire an IRC client (Experienced Users) or use the Esper Web Chat page

Client Step 1: After aquiring an IRC client you will be asked to find a server (this will vary with clients), you will want to locate and select Esper or

Client Step 2: At some point you will be asked to enter a username and password, ignore the password for now, enter a suitible username (often your minecraft username).

Client Step 3: Find the button to join a channel or type /join #novylen into the server chat.

Web Chat Step 1: Enter a username, this will be the name other people will see you as. Take note of the tick box below, you will need this for loggin in next time.

Web Chat Step 2: Enter a channel. This will be "novylen" (without quotes).

Web Chat Step 3: Press enter, once in the channel you will be unable to talk, this is due to not having a voice permission at the moment.

Gaining Talk Rights

General Step 1: type "/msg nickserv register <password> <>" (Without quotes) areas in <> are to be filled in by you.

General Step 2: check you email, you should have recieved a confirmation email with a code and instructions, follow the instructions. Over which you will have registered to nickserv.

General Step 3: Message Rbos or Zaneo via the IRC politely asking for talk privaleges, if your IRC name differes from your minecraft name it would be helpful to state your minecraft name. Rbos is a busy man, and as such he will oftten not be able to handle your request your request straight away, be patient and wait for him to do it. DO NOT spam him with PMs, this will garentee you to NEVER get talk rights.

A sample message is show here: hi rbos, please can you give me talk rights in the IRC, my in-game name is "<in-game name>"

Loggin Back In

Client: You can now enter a password into your login details in your IRC client. This will automatically sign you in to nickserv when you join a channel.

Web Chat: When you want to login to the IRC again, follow the same steps, but tick the check box and enter your password into the new box. This will automatically sign you in to nickserv when you join a channel.

General: If none of the above are viable option for you type "/msg nickserv identify <your password>" (without quotes) into the chat, this will log you in.
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Re: How To: The IRC Channel!

Postby MrEpiclegendzz » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:46 pm

I approve, sticky granted!
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