Bling-ball Plugin for Minigames/SMP Donators?

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Bling-ball Plugin for Minigames/SMP Donators?

Postby IbaJeeba » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:09 pm

SethBling, a YouTuber, recently posted a video showcasing a Bukkit plugin he created, called 'BlingBall'.

Here's a link to the video:

It adds two new commands, one being /ball. It spawns in a baby slime, that acts almost like a basketball! When you punch it, it sends the slime moving in the direction you hit it, and bounces along the ground and against walls. Right clicking launches the slime in the air 3-4 blocks, and it slowly bounces back down. The second command clears all of the balls on server.

A minigame could possibly be made with it, like Volley-ball or a tennis based game. Somehow, a scoreboard could be implemented with it, so if the ball hits the ground it gives a point to the other team. As well, there could be a way for donators to use the /ball command in smp. It would be a fun perk to have, with no real benefits other than some fun. There is a potential for people to spam this command and release dozens of balls everywhere, but there could be a way so they can only use this command every 20 minutes or so, to prevent them piling up. As well, maybe the server runs the clear command every so often so people don't perpetually spawn balls.

This is just an idea, and I look forward to feedback!
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